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Entertainer Bus (Hostel - currently being hosted by AirBnB)

This unique hostel is a 1983 Entertainer Bus that was used by a touring Gospel Band, and it has remained set up exactly the way it was on the road. Come and get a feel for what a touring band living quarters is like.

Welcome to Stagger Lee Music Park

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Use caution with the doors on the bus, this is an entertainers tour bus and

is being utilized as an apartment, but there are some differences!

Beware of pinch points, and the door is tricky to seal shut from the inside. That is just the nature of the beast.

You are in a field, so use the fly swatter liberally.

Let us know if there are wasps nests so that we can take care of them.

The bunk linens are clean and have been covered to keep them that way,

Please ONLY UNCOVER the bed that you will sleep in for the duration of your stay.

Any bunks that you do not use for sleeping, feel free to put your belongings on there, but please be mindful of the white coverings.

Some of the bunks are shorter than the others, so make sure the one you choose will fit your body before pulling the white sheet off and settling in.

There is no bath room in this bus obviously, so the bath house is only a few steps away.

Please call 912-367-7900, if the bath house needs attention or toiletries,

or if you experience any issues. The men’s side is labelled“Pa”

The womens side of the Bath House, the “Ma” side, can be used for showers due to the fact that we do not have that many ladies using it at this time, but make sure to lock the door behind you if you do to avoid‘surprises’.

There is a large refrigerator inside the kitchen labeled“Ma’s Kitchen” as well as a stove top, you are welcome to use the kitchen as you like, please clean up after yourself and label your food with name and date.

The large grill is available as well as

the pavillion area and picnic tables. You may make a fire in the open fireplace or in the wood stoves, there is firewood there available for use.

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