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Bunkhouse ( currently offered on AirBnB

Bunk House

There is a reason that we call it a bunkhouse. It is a shared space. It can be shared with your friends and family. It can be shared with a crew of guys working.

If you are booking a room in the bunkhouse by yourself, the space is still shared.

If no one else has booked, it is possible that you may be in there all alone, or you could be in there with three other people.

The living common space is spacious with plenty of seating in the living room. However. Please look closely at the photos to see the living space.

The sleeping arrangements are for the most part bunkbeds, separated by wooden room dividers. Each bunk area has drawers under the bed to store your things.

Bedroom number one has a queen bed and two bunks, separated by a wooden divider. There is a full bath with shower, sink, and toilet, a half bath contains sink and toilet.

Also for your convenience, there is a pedestal sink between the two bathrooms with a mirror.

Bedroom number two has two single beds, with a full bath just outside the door.

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